Joel picJoel E. Correia holds a PhD in Geography with Certificates in Development Studies and College Teaching from the University of Colorado, Boulder. His MA in Latin American Studies is from the University of Arizona with a BA in Geography is from Humboldt State University.

Joel is currently a Postdoctoral Research Associate with the University of Arizona Center for Latin American Studies. At CLAS, he is working on new publications, a book manuscript, research projects centered on climate justice in Southern Arizona and environmental change in the Gran Chaco, in addition to teaching graduate and undergraduate courses on political ecology, critical development studies, human rights, and socio-environmental justice. He is also an active member of the UA Public Political Ecology Lab, working with Tracey Osborne to advance scholarship on critical engaged research and political ecology praxis.

For information about Joel’s research or publications, please visit the “Research” section of this website or see his Academia.edu page.

Before returning to academia, Joel worked in numerous grassroots development initiatives, volunteered with Thoya-Oya Charitable Foundation, AmeriCorps, American Red Cross, and Mateel Community Center. He also served as a “Crop Extension” volunteer with the Peace Corps in Paraguay. Joel has conducted research, worked, and/or traveled throughout Latin America, principally Chile, Argentina, Bolivia, Paraguay, and Uruguay, along with the Mexico-U.S. border region (Mexicali, Nogales, Hermosillo). He has also worked and traveled in Kenya and Tanzania, China and Tibet, and Western Europe.

When not working, you can often find him on a kavaju piru (literally “skinny horse”, but actually a bicycle), forever “trying” to learn the banjo, digging in the garden, or, depending on the weather, drinking tereré or mate.